360-degree-scan exhibition stand

Would you like to document your trade show appearance and follow it up professionally? With our modern 3D technology, we guarantee you realistic and high-quality recordings, including start-to-end support from our experts.

Perfect 3D images of your trade show booth thanks to 360-degree scanning!

Virtual solutions are becoming more and more important and facilitate work processes many times over. Reduce the time and costs for your booth and use all the advantages of 360-degree scanning! Besides reality shots of your booth, we provide additional content like teaser videos and GIFs for your social media channels.
With +/- 1% accuracy, our cameras are perfect for impressive 360-degree scans that are unbeatable in speed as well as detail and dimensional accuracy. With markers that can be integrated into the 3D environment, you have the ability to provide important information and key facts at a glance.

Example 360 degree scan

Your digital trade fair stand

You have international customers you want to reach with your booth? Special partners did not make it to the trade fair? In addition to animated 3D trade fair views, which are perfect as a marketing tool for your own trade fair presence, you also have the option of creating virtual 3D tours. This allows you to reach employees, customers and partners all over the world while saving considerable travel and logistics costs. Even in the event of last-minute cancellations, you will always have a digital trade fair stand at hand that will provide a lasting record of your unique trade fair appearance.
Thanks to our nationwide setup, there are no spatial limits for you – we create a 3D scan at any trade fair and at any time!

You are planning a unique appearance and want to capture it for posterity? With our 3D solution you can document your event at any time and make it tangible for customers and employees even after the event. With over 30 years of experience, we develop ideas together with you and create individually suitable scans!

Adding key facts to the scan: Supported formats

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